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  • Why is Shady Maple Raw more affordable than the competition?
    We keep our costs down by going direct to cattle farms across the Atlantic Provinces, and by handling 100% of the processing in house. We proudly pass the savings on to you and your four legged families, because we believe in the importance of making raw diets affordable for all dogs.
  • Can older dogs transition to raw food?
    ABSOLUTELY!! We know many older dogs that have succesfully transitioned over to Shady Maple Raw diets. We believe it is never too late to change things up in the name of health and wellness for your older dogs. **Please keep in mind, that switching to a fully raw diet will take time. You will want to slowly start adding in the raw food, while decreasing the dry food over the course of a few weeks, until you are feeding only raw. Some dogs might not have any trouble at all switching over, but it is best to take it slow as they will need to adjust.**
  • How do I know if a raw diet is right for my dog?
    We can not make 100% claims in regards to individual dog and their diet. But we believe strongly that the proof is in the pooches. So if it's proof you need, take a look @shadymapleraw on Instagram, or come visit Shady Maple farms for a live look at our canine family living life to the fullest.
  • What age can you start dogs on raw diets?
    Shady Maple now has puppies that actually gestated on raw food, as their mothers were on 100% Shady Maple Raw diets while pregnant. Followed by nursing from their Shady Maple Raw fed mothers. As soon as they were weaned from their mother, these healthy pups went immediately to a Shady Maple Raw diet. Again we say the proof certainly is in the pooches and proudly hold our recent healthy litters up as prime examples of the beneifts of the Shadt Maple Raw diet.
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