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Shady Maple?

At Shady Maple Farms, we created Shady Maple Raw with two main goals.


Firstly, to provide our puppies with the healthiest, most natural diet possible. One which is based on canine ancestral feeding patterns that can provide a balanced cross-section of nutrition, specifically for dogs.


Secondly, to make our products affordable to the average dog owner. It's this second goal that really sets Shady Maple apart from the competition.


Leveraging our farm's roots on a cattle farm in rural Nova Scotia, by going direct to cattle farms across the Atlantic Provinces, and handling 100% of the processing in house, we able to keep our costs down.


The team at Shady Maple Raw believes strongly in getting our Shady Maple Raw products out to the public at affordable prices, so when we are able to keep our costs down, we pass this saving on to you and your four legged family members.

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